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About the Book

Author: Rob Biddulph

Age Range: 0-2 Years 3-5 Years

Publisher: HarperCollins


Readers may already be familiar with Rob Biddulph’s captivating debut picture book, Blown Away, which scooped the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize – and now they can fall in love with another set of characters as the talented author and illustrator takes them on a journey into the woods to meet a bear who is convinced that being first is the most important thing there is.

Fred works hard to be a champion in every competition, and he has the medals to prove it. He’s too busy training to have any actual friends, of course; but he has cabinet full of trophies, and that’s surely better?

It takes the arrival of a new bear on the scene – and the mysterious disappearance in the middle of the night of Fred’s famous roar – to help our hero learn that in fact, there are more valuable things than prizes and a place on the podium, as his fellow forest creatures rally round to support him in his hour of need.

Biddulph’s crisp, witty rhyming text is a joy to read aloud, and his bright illustrations are packed with funny details that help to bring the story alive.

Great fun – with an uplifting message about friendship, and real success.

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