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Saxon Tales: The Witch who Faced the Fire

Saxon Tales: The Witch who Faced the Fire

About the Book

Author: Terry Deary

Age Range: 7-11 Years

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Price: £4.99


York, seventh century – a time of plague, tanners, witchcraft, and Saxons!

Terry Deary is the best-selling author of Horrible Histories and his latest story follows the adventures of Ardith Hutton, a haegtessan (or hag for short).

When the plague ravages York, Ardith is saved by a cunning man called Wilfred, who trains her in the ways of medicine and witchcraft.

Years pass, Wilfred has grown ill and the neighbours are suspicious of Ardith. When Brecc the Beggar warns the two outcasts that their house will soon be burnt to the ground, Ardith must use all her bravery and courage to outwit the priest and save Wilfred.

This is a simple but exciting read that is perfect for children in Y3. The story is told against a backdrop of true historical facts and events and children will certainly enjoy learning about Saxon and Viking mythology, medicine and witchcraft.

Reviewed by Ian Eagleton

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