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You Can Tell a Fairy Tale: Little Red Riding Hood

You Can Tell a Fairy Tale: Little Red Riding Hood

About the Book

Author: Migy Blanco

Age Range: 3-5 Years 5-7 Years

Publisher: Templar

Price: £6.99, Paperback


Many of your preschoolers will be familiar with a selection of popular fairy tales; many will know them inside out, allowing them to participate enthusiastically in each telling and experience some – let’s face it, sometimes quite traumatic situations – from a place of safety.

But while familiarity is part of fairy tales’ appeal, young children also love taking control… and letting their imagination run riot.

In this new take on Little Red Riding Hood, audience participation is compulsory.

Children are invited to share their views on the characters’ backgrounds and decisions regularly, and the suggested options will have many laughing uproariously – for example, in this book, it’s quite possible that our heroine dresses as a hot dog and lives on a space station, and she may well stop for tea with a hedgehog en route to Grandma’s.

It’s sure to enthuse your creative learners – afterwards, why not come up with your own alternative takes on favourite stories?

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