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Who’s Your Real Mum?

Who’s Your Real Mum?

About the Book

Author: Bernadette Green

Age Range: 5-7 Years 7-11 Years

Publisher: Scribe

Price: £11.99


Although the requirement to teach the new RSE curriculum has been pushed back to the summer term due to the competing priorities schools have had to juggle since the coronavirus lockdown, the new RSE curriculum states that all primaries will be required to teach about different families.

This can mean many things, of course, including single parent families and those headed by grandparents or adoptive parents, for example, but can also include LGBT families.

Inspired by author Bernadette Green’s own daughters, who were often asked “Which mum is your real mum?” by their friends in school, this is a funny, tender story about a young girl, Elvi, who finds imaginative ways to answer the same question about her two mums.

It’s a thoughtful, playful tale that celebrates non-traditional families and captures what lies at the heart of family – love. Use it as a gentle starting point for your own classroom discussions.

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