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When it Snows

When it Snows

About the Book

Author: Richard Collingridge

Age Range: 11-14 Years 14-16 Years 16 + Years

Publisher: David Fickling Books

Price: £10.99, hardback


Children’s titles with a festive theme tend to fall into one of two broad categories: ‘fizzy excitement about presents, mischief and merry-making’, or ‘wintry enchantment, with poignant nostalgia for the grown-ups’.

Illustrator and author Richard Collingridge’s debut picture book definitely comes under the latter heading, as a wide-eyed and woolly hatted young boy and his teddy explore a mysterious, snowy landscape of the imagination that ultimately proves much more captivating and exciting than the gifts waiting for them underneath the tree.

The text is kept minimal, with Collingridge’s tender and evocative artwork providing plenty of scope for adding detail to the story each time it’s revisited, which is likely to be very often indeed.

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