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What Every Teacher Needs to Know About…Psychology

What Every Teacher Needs to Know About…Psychology

About the Book

Author: David Didau

Age Range: 11-14 Years 14-16 Years 16 + Years

Publisher: John Catt

Price: £18.52


Both Didau and Rose espouse a pragmatic, evidence-based approach to pedagogy that depends upon questioning assumptions at every step.

What ultimately matters, they insist, is whether a particular method or strategy works, or not – but all too often this key point is overlooked as teachers struggle to keep up with the latest recommendations from a seemingly endless line of educational experts.

Also frequently missed is the fact that we understand much, much more now about the science of how we learn than we did a few decades ago; psychological research can offer enormously valuable insight into such crucial topics as thinking, motivation, behaviour and assessment, yet somehow, it’s knowledge that isn’t reaching the chalkface.

This book can’t and doesn’t tackle everything, but it does set out some of the most useful psychological principles of which teachers should be aware. It could change your life; and your students’.

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