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We Need to Talk About Pornography

We Need to Talk About Pornography

About the Book

Author: Vanessa Rogers

Age Range: 11-14 Years 14-16 Years 16 + Years

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley

Price: £22.99


The statistics are stark: over half of 11-13 year olds will have seen pornographic material before starting secondary school. Girls express feeling the impact of sexist images around them from as young as seven. And perhaps most worryingly of all, 53% of boys and 39% of girls see porn as a ‘realistic depiction of sex’.

These are not figures that any of us concerned with the education and wellbeing of young people can afford to ignore – but putting together a programme of study around the issue of pornography can be a challenging prospect, which is where Vanessa Rogers’ considered and comprehensive resource book comes in.

Through group work, open conversation, and a range of age appropriate tasks and activities, the materials support teachers to equip students with the information and understanding they will need safely to navigate a world in which access to pornography has never been so available.

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