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The Super Swooper Dinosaur

The Super Swooper Dinosaur

About the Book

Author: Marin Waddell

Age Range: 0-2 Years 3-5 Years 5-7 Years

Publisher: Orchard

Price: £11.99, hardback


When Hal and his dog Billy are interrupted in their play by the arrival of a very large, very enthusiastic and very friendly dinosaur, they are more than happy for him to join in with their games. However, they quickly discover that an enormous pterodactyl is not necessarily well suited to such standard activities as hide-and-seek, or sploshing in the paddling pool. Instead, the chums need to find something different to do, which will put the new arrival’s size, strength and super swooping ability to good use. What would your children do if they suddenly found themselves in the company of a (benevolent) triceratops or Tyrannosaurus rex? Would they be happy to share their toys, or abandon a favourite, but impractical, game in favour of something that would allow everyone to join in? Can they imagine what it might be like to be the super swooper dinosaur?

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