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The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding

The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding

About the Book

Author: Alexandra Bracken

Age Range: 14-16 Years

Publisher: Quercus

Price: £6.99


Organised and powerful, the Redding family are renowned worldwide for their wealth and prowess in just about everything. Of course, this excludes Prosper, who couldn’t care less about his responsibility as a Redding.

However, after a run-in with the occult during a family reunion, it’s uncovered that the Reddings only found success because of an ancestor’s pact with a Demon, which was abruptly broken.

Outraged, the Demon cursed the family and is to be reincarnated in Prosper upon his 13th birthday.

On the run from his family who now want him dead, Prosper needs to find a way to rid himself of his demonic parasite before it’s too late…

Throughout the story, I loved the interaction between Prosper and the Demon; their back and forth insults added some brilliant humour into this otherwise fiendishly dark tale.

With a sequel on store shelves right now, I highly recommend that you get stuck into this devilish delight of a book.

Reviewed by Oliver Minter-King (Year 11)

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