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Nothing Ever Happens Here

Nothing Ever Happens Here

About the Book

Author: Sarah Hagger-Holt

Age Range: 7-11 Years 11-14 Years

Publisher: Usborne

Price: £6.99


Izzy lives in Littlehaven – a small town that couldn’t be more ordinary and where, as the title suggests, nothing of any real note ever happens.

So, when her dad comes out as trans, it’s bound to be the kind of event to make waves throughout the community.

Despite her talent for acting, Izzy is not at all keen on being in the spotlight; and that’s just one of the many issues she finds herself having to tackle as all the members of her family try to adjust to the new dynamic without losing the strong bonds that have always kept them together.

Hagger-Holt is actually head of campaigns at the LGBT+ equality charity Stonewall – but although she is clearly keen to open up important discussions with young people about gender and diversity, she never lets the book’s simple and timeless message – that everyone has the right to be accepted and loved as their own, authentic self – eclipse its story.

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