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My Bedtime Monster

My Bedtime Monster

About the Book

Author: Annelies Schwarz

Age Range: 0-2 Years 3-5 Years 5-7 Years

Publisher: Michael Negebauer

Price: £14.99, hardback


There’s something almost hypnotic about this dreamy and mysterious tale of a little girl who wishes for a pet with the power to shrink and grow at will; to be soft, cuddly, quick and strong; and to take her flying through the air as well as swimming under the sea.

Although her mother informs her firmly that there is no such thing, Rikki goes to sleep convinced there must be – and sure enough, she is woken from her sleep to be taken on a wild and thrilling night-time adventure with a benevolent monster that meets all her requirements, and more.

Květa Pacovská‘s distinctive artwork is bold and wonderfully strange, featuring striking geometric shapes and occasional flashes of silver foil glinting from a muted pallette of earthy shades; while Annelies Schwarz’s lyrical narrative teasingly invites children not only to let their imagination out to play, but also, perhaps, to scare themselves a little – and relish the feeling, too.

This is not necessarily a book that will resonate with every small person; but the ones who do respond to it are likely to find it exceptionally powerful, making it a very useful addition indeed to the book shelves of any early years setting.

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