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Mission Python: Code a Space Adventure Game!

Mission Python: Code a Space Adventure Game!

About the Book

Author: Sean McManus

Age Range: 11-14 Years 14-16 Years

Publisher: No Starch Press

Price: £24.99


In this book Sean McManus has managed to put the Python programming language within easy reach, using several approaches.

First, the book is presented as a cross between an astronaut’s training manual and instructions for creating a game. This provides a context, in contrast to books that have you entering code for no apparent reason.

The illustrations for the game’s backgrounds are NASA photos, which provide visual interest. The book is well-structured.

Each instruction is explained carefully, with debugging built in to the text in the form of “if this didn’t work, check…” Important notes are flagged up as Red Alerts, in keeping with the space theme, while challenges are presented as training missions.

At the end of each chapter is a checklist of skills you should have acquired, followed by a Mission Debrief in which the answers to the Training Missions are given.


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