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Matchstick Monkey: Colours

Matchstick Monkey: Colours

About the Book

Age Range: 3-5 Years

Publisher: Ladybird

Price: £6.99, boardbook


There is no shortage of boardbooks out there to engage the attention (and withstand the enthusiastic page-turning) of your very youngest children, but it’s always nice to come across a title that manages to stand out from the crowd by offering something a little bit different.

Matchstick Monkey: Colours – A fingertrail adventure ticks the novelty box with its sparkly, tactile glitter trails, which loop through the book in an array of enticing hues.

Babies and toddlers will develop their fine motor control and hand-eye coordination as they trace the paths with their fingers, while also gaining familiarity with the colours.

The story itself is a simple one, as you would expect – the multicoloured monkeys, who are depicted in bold, friendly illustrations, have gathered for a treetop race to decide who is the quickest, and as they compete, the rhyming text introduces a range of movement-related vocabulary, from ‘bounce’ to ‘whoosh’ to ‘sway’.

For the uninitiated, Matchstick Monkey is an award-winning teether toy, too.

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