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Little Puppy Lost

Little Puppy Lost

About the Book

Author: Rebecca Harry

Age Range: 0-2 Years 3-5 Years 5-7 Years

Publisher: Little Tiger Press

Price: £6.99, paperback


Holly Webb’s books for older readers are enormously popular – she has a real knack for writing tales that are magical and tender, without venturing into territory that’s too sentimental or dainty; and the theme of lost or abandoned animals is one she revisits often. It’s not surprising then, that her debut picture book for a younger audience takes a similar approach, telling the tale of a puppy who manages to become separated from his young human when he’s taken to the park for the first time. There’s nothing startling or unexpected as the narrative unfolds – during his adventure the little dog is befriended by a lonely but streetwise cat, discovers his inner courage, and eventually finds his way home, where his new feline chum is welcomed in to stay, too. However, the storytelling is fresh and engaging, and Rebecca Harry’s gorgeous illustrations really capture the intensity of the emotions being explored, as well as the endearing qualities of cats and dogs that really draw people, especially children, towards them as pets.

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