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I Wish I’d Been Born a Unicorn

I Wish I’d Been Born a Unicorn

About the Book

Author: Rachel Lyon

Age Range: 0-2 Years 3-5 Years 5-7 Years

Publisher: Maverick

Price: £6.99, paperback


Making friends in new places can be difficult for the most sophisticated grown-up – let alone a little person who is trying to find his feet in a social setting without mum or dad for the first time – and it’s all too easy to imagine, when things aren’t going well and we’re feeling lonely or left out, that if only we were bigger, or better looking, or just different, then of course everyone would immediately start to like us.

In this endearing tale of a hygienically-challenged horse who is convinced that he’d be more popular as a unicorn, Rachel Lyon gently explores the fallacy of this assumption; the cows and owl who help the smelly equine transform into a fabulous, horned creature care more about what he feels, than how he looks – and that, it turns out, is what real friendship is all about.

Lyon’s bouncy verses are a pleasure to read aloud, and beautifully complemented by Andrea Ringli’s bold, affectionate illustrations.

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