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Have you seen Elephant?

Have you seen Elephant?

About the Book

Author: David Barrow

Age Range: 0-2 Years 3-5 Years 5-7 Years

Publisher: Gecko Press

Price: £10.99, hardback


Hide and Seek is a game that can be a struggle to master for very small children – and their inability to grasp, for example, that being unable to see doesn’t mean you can’t be seen, or that blankets don’t work in quite the same way as invisibility cloaks, can lead to very amusing situations for older players. The hugely talented David Barrow’s debut picture book uses this idea to endearing and hilarious effect here, as a friendly elephant who is very proud of his disappearing skills attempts to conceal himself in a succession of ludicrously inappropriate locations, given his size. Whether the young boy who is supposed to be finding him is incredibly unobservant – or touchingly kind in pretending not to notice his hefty chum’s trunk sticking out from under the lampshade, or the fact that the garden shed is wobbling two feet off the ground – is something that it might be interesting to discuss with your little ones. Would they ever pretend in order to make a friend feel better? Does it always matter who wins? And when the last page of the book has been turned, and it’s the tortoise’s turn to boast of his prowess, what do they think is going to happen next?

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