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Harris the Hero

Harris the Hero

About the Book

Author: Lynne Rickards & Gabby Grant

Age Range: 0-2 Years 3-5 Years 5-7 Years

Publisher: Kelpies

Price: £5.99, paperback


When Harris the puffin flies off in search of adventure, he’s not expecting to take part in the rescue of a baby seal who has drifted too far from his rocky island home, nor to meet a companion with whom he can set up a nest of his own – but that’s exactly what happens in this charming new addition to Floris’ range of Picture Kelpies titles. As always with this imprint there’s a Scottish flavour to the story, and a vivid sense of the natural environment where it is set. Lynne Rickards’ rhyming couplets are a pleasure to read aloud, and Gabby Grant’s beautiful, detailed illustrations provide plenty of opportunity for discussion beyond the text. With a gentle message about how helping others can often have unexpected benefits, and a reminder that there are friends to be found everywhere if we are only brave enough to make the first move, this is an ideal story for days when everyone isn’t perhaps getting on as well as they might… and for days when they are, too.

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