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Floss and the Boss

Floss and the Boss

About the Book

Author: Catherine Lawler & Abigail Sterne

Age Range: 5-7 Years 7-11 Years

Publisher: Routledge

Price: £11.99


This sensitively written story has been created to help primary-age children understand about domestic abuse and coercive control.

Floss is a happy puppy who loves going to doggy daycare, but things change when her mum’s new friend, Boss, comes into their lives.

Initially he’s funny and caring, but after he moves in he starts making up new rules.

The authors, a safeguarding consultant and an educational psychologist, wrote the story to help children who have experienced domestic abuse and trauma to make sense of their feelings, teaching them to seek help and stay safe.

Use the book in the classroom to support the ‘healthy relationships’ element of your PSHE curriculum or to address the topic of domestic abuse and coercive control with either your whole class or individual pupils.

Schools can purchase an accompanying professional guide to support the effective use of the book, featuring page-by-page notes, activities and further support.

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