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Age Range: 0-2 Years 3-5 Years 5-7 Years

Publisher: Curious Fox

Price: £5.99, board book


Some books for small people are written to be read aloud softly; others to be chanted or sung together. There are books with buttons to press, flaps to lift, textures to stroke and mirrors to reflect the reader’s face. And now (begging only the question – why not sooner?) there are books designed to be worn.

Taking inspiration from the painted boards found at zoos and funfairs where visitors can poke a head through the hole and pose for a picture as a pirate, mermaid or orang-utan, Book-O-Masks is made up of cleverly die-cut pages featuring bold illustrations that can be held up to the face, instantly transforming the ‘wearer’ into a procession of interesting characters from a superhero to a scuba diver and many more besides.

Each transformational image is accompanied by a perky rhyming couplet with a suitable catchphrase children will love to shout out as they try on the various disguises – it’s all great fun and a brilliant way to inspire imaginative games, especially with a small group. Can your audience help you guess what mask you are wearing by giving you clues or performing a mime?

Oh, and just in case you needed even more entertainment there’s also a Book-O-Beards from the same team; perfect for all those budding hipsters in your setting.

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