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Blue Monster Wants it All

Blue Monster Wants it All

About the Book

Author: Jeanne Willis

Age Range: 3-5 Years 5-7 Years

Publisher: Little Tiger Press

Price: £11.99, hardback


As we emerge from the unbridled consumerism of Christmas, perhaps it’s time to take stock and focus on what’s really important – not the latest toy or gadget, but those we love.

It’s certainly a message Blue Monster needs to hear in this hilariously over-the-top fable: no matter what he receives – a new pram, a new teddy, a new baby sister – he’s never satisfied.

Eventually, he even gets fed up with his ‘old’ mum and dad, and thus begins a spending spree to end all spending sprees (bankrolled by what must have been an incredibly generous gift from his old granny).

The problem is that even the world’s most expensive pleasures aren’t enough to satisfy his appetites, and it’s not until he finally plucks the sun itself from the sky that it dawns on Blue Monster that money won’t buy him what he really wants.

Your charges are unlikely to be so selfish, but this would be a fun way to kick off an age-appropriate discussion about materialism and the importance of family.

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