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About the Book

Author: Nicola Skinner

Age Range: 7-11 Years

Publisher: HarperCollins

Price: £7.99


This highly original, well-timed release for spring tells the story of Sorrel Fallowfield, who undergoes some profound changes when she finds a packet of ‘surprising seeds’ buried under her patio.

Suddenly, the life of a girl who is well known for following rules – to the extent where her teachers at school rely on her to remember them all for them – becomes wild and unpredictable.

Sorrel starts hearing voices and seeing things, and is struck by an almost unstoppable urge to plant her newly acquired seeds in the strangest of places.

This is a funny, surreal take on growing up, well written and conceived by debut author Nicola Skinner.

Children aged 10 and above will enjoy following the heroine’s transformation, and there are lots of laughs as her life fills with colour and surprise – even to the point where flowers begin to grow out of her head.

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