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Be Amazing!

Be Amazing!

About the Book

Author: Chris Hoy

Age Range: 7-11 Years

Publisher: Walker Books

Price: £9.99


When Sir Chris Hoy MBE, the world’s most successful track cyclist of all time, saw the movie ET at age six, it was the beginning of something remarkable.

He fell in love with BMX bikes and persuaded his parents to buy him one, and thus his cycling journey began.

This inspiring book explains how Chris achieved success by having a dream and working hard, but it’s not just for PE-loving pupils; its empowering message will hit home with any children who want to turn a dream into a reality, no matter how big or small.

Through stories, practical strategies and words of wisdom, Chris will teach your pupils the importance of determination, hard work and a positive mindset, and the fact that occasional failures are inevitable.

Its chatty tone and dynamic layout will hook children in and encourage them to aim for amazing.

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