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Ask First, Monkey!

Ask First, Monkey!

About the Book

Author: Juliet Clare Bell

Age Range: 5-7 Years

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley

Price: £12.99


This light-hearted picturebook has been designed to help Early Years and KS1 children understand consent.

Monkey is the best tickler in the world (even his mum says so), but what happens if some of his friends don’t want to be tickled?

With teacher guidance included at the back, this entertaining story is great for helping young children to understand the idea of personal boundaries and teaching them to consider the feelings of others.

As part of a lesson about consent under the new PSHE curriculum, it’s a great way to empower children to respect themselves and others, and teach them that a reason for ‘no’ is never needed – it just needs to be respected.

The simple language means this book can be used for EAL pupils and children with autism.

Author Juliet Clare Bell holds a PhD in developmental psychology from the University of Bristol.

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