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Polly Parrot Picks a Pirate

Polly Parrot Picks a Pirate

About the Book

Author: Penny Dann

Age Range: 0-2 Years 3-5 Years 5-7 Years

Publisher: Macmillan

Price: £5.99, paperback


Once you’ve identified the correct stresses in the second line, the brisk, driving rhythm of Peter Bently’s narrative is satisfyingly consistent throughout this rollicking yarn about a parrot in search of a pirate’s shoulder from where she can enjoy a life of ocean-bound thrills and excitement. Being a bird with standards, she’s extremely picky when it comes to choosing the perfect pet, and a succession of so-so marauders have to be ruled out before she finally comes across a swashbuckling pair with real promise. Penny Dann’s gleeful depictions of the prospective candidates are rich with funny details for youngsters to find and discuss; what do they think makes for a brilliant buccaneer? Can they think of required qualities for other stock storybook characters? And, perhaps most importantly, who in your setting can produce the most blood-curdling piratical roar?

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