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  • SeaWAR


    Author: Sarah Holding
    Medina Publishing, £9.95

    In the first part of Sarah Holding’s ambitious eco-adventure series, 11-year-old Alice – one of only six schoolchildren living on the newly…

  • My Brother’s Keeper

    My Brother’s Keeper

    Author: Tom and Tony Bradman
    Bloomsbury Publishing, £5.99

    As is to be expected during this centenary year, there is certainly no shortage of new publications at the moment…

  • Amy & Matthew

    Amy & Matthew

    Author: Cammie McGovern
    Macmillan, £6.99

    As YA genres go, the current trend for ‘smart-ass teen romance with a side of grim reality’, as exemplified by John…

  • Theodore Boone: The fugitive

    Theodore Boone: The fugitive

    Author: John Grisham
    Hodder & Stoughton, £12.99

    An amazing book from an amazing author! Grisham is known for writing adult legal thrillers, so I’m excited to see something…

  • Half Lost

    Half Lost

    Author: Sally Green
    Penguin Random House, £7.99

    The first installment of Sally Green’s powerful trilogy about the endless battle between the forces of darkness and light, set in…

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  • The Weight of Water

    The Weight of Water

    Author: Sarah Crossan
    Bloomsbury Publishing, £6.99

    This profoundly beautiful novel by Irish author Sarah Crossan subtly but powerfully challenges all kinds of preconceptions – from the line…