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  • The Thing About Jellyfish

    The Thing About Jellyfish

    Author: Ali Benjamin
    Macmillan, £10.99

    When Suzy Swanson, aged 12, learns that her classmate Franny has drowned at the beach, only she knows that what…

  • Boy X

    Boy X

    Author: Dan Smith
    Chicken House, £6.99

    Action, survival, terror: the three words that describe this book best.
    Ash McCarthy is a normal boy, born and raised in…

  • Being Me

    Being Me

    Author: Pete Kalu
    HopeRoad, £6.99

    How does it feel to be a young girl whose passion and talent are invested in what tends to be…

  • Homeroom Diaries

    Homeroom Diaries

    Author: James Patterson
    Arrow, £6.99

    As teachers will be all too aware, mental health is a growing problem in schools – primary as well as secondary.…

  • Skullduggery Pleasant

    Skullduggery Pleasant

    Author: Derek Landy
    HarperCollins, £6.99

    “It didn’t take me long to become immersed in this amazing page-turner – the first in Derek Landy’s bestselling horror-comedy series. The main…

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  • Twisted Winter

    Twisted Winter

    Author: Catherine Butler
    Bloomsbury Publishing, £6.99

    It’s common for collections of short stories aimed at teenagers to leave the reader feeling short-changed – but the seven seriously…

  • Chasing the Dark

    Chasing the Dark

    Author: Sam Hepburn
    Chicken House, £6.99

    You could hardly get a grittier or more grim opening for a YA novel than the protagonist lying in bed…

  • The Wall

    The Wall

    Author: William Sutcliffe
    Bloomsbury Publishing, £12.99

    Sutcliffe himself uses Orwell’s Animal Farm as a way of explaining how this, his first novel for young adults, works on…

  • Moon Chase – A Bridge Reader

    Moon Chase – A Bridge Reader

    Author: Cathy Farr
    Bite Publishing, £7.99

    Sourcing genuinely appealing reading material for learners at Y7 and beyond who are still having trouble with the basics of…

  • Tease


    Author: Amanda Maciel
    Balzer + Bray, £6.99

    It’s not an easy read – but this powerful and painfully authentic exploration of some of the most difficult feelings that…