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  • How to Teach Reading for Pleasure

    How to Teach Reading for Pleasure

    Author: Kenny Pieper
    Independent Thinking Press, £12.99

    Research tells us that reading for pleasure can have more impact on a young person’s educational outcome than even their family’s…

  • Calculation Codes

    Calculation Codes

    Author: Lesley Higgin
    Anchorprint, £7.00

    In this collection of fun, self-checking maths activities for ages 11-14, secondary school teacher Lesley Higgins has hit upon the…

  • Beyond


    Author: Graham McNamee
    Hodder & Stoughton, £6.99

    Forget the relentless diet of largely toothless vampires and graphic novel gore that’s supposed to satisfy young adults’ hunger for dark…

  • Looking at the stars

    Looking at the stars

    Author: Jo Cotterill
    Random House Children’s, £12.99

    Utterly believable from the opening paragraph to its heartbreaking yet hopeful conclusion, this is a powerful tale that celebrates human…

  • Noughts & Crosses: Graphic Novel

    Noughts & Crosses: Graphic Novel

    Author: Ian Edginton and John Aggs
    Doubleday Children’s, £12.99

    Malorie Blackman is almost as prolific as she is talented (ie enormously) – but Noughts and Crosses, published nearly 15 years…

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  • One


    Author: Sarah Crossan
    Bloomsbury Publishing, £10.99

    Like any siblings, Tippi and Grace have a complex relationship, with love, need, friendship, resentment and frustration all influencing the…

  • We are all Made of Molecules

    We are all Made of Molecules

    Author: Susin Nielsen
    Andersen, £12.99

    Two narrators share the unfolding of events in this surprisingly powerful novel about growth, change, acceptance and courage; Stewart is…

  • Here I Stand

    Here I Stand

    Walker Books, £10.99

    In his introduction to this powerful collection of short stories and poems on the theme of human rights and freedoms,…

  • SandRider


    Author: Angie Sage
    Bloomsbury Publishing, £6.99

    It’s been over a decade since Angie Sage first introduced us to the fantastical world of Septimus Heap; with its dramatic and…

  • The Best Medicine

    The Best Medicine

    Author: Christina Hamill
    Little Island, £6.99

    In this heartwarming and comedic story, we are introduced to Philip Wright, a quirky teenager and comedian in the making.…