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Why I Love…Target Tracker

EES for Schools

Emma Breckenridge has been the head of two outstanding primary schools and has worked in a school improvement capacity for schools in and out of a trust for over a decade. Here, she explains why Target Tracker has proved to be a ‘lifesaver’…

As the saying goes, ‘knowledge is power’. All too often in schools, this ‘power’ sits at the top. For me and my schools, it was the removal of levels and the implementation of Target Tracker that helped switch this power.

Suddenly, the teachers and pupils were in control of the data; the power was now in their hands. My school now has a proven way to assess without levels It’s one of the most intuitive school systems we’ve ever worked with.

It only takes a few simple clicks to access exactly what we need – even my most technophobic staff were quickly on board. This, for me, is critical in schools today; staff are under immense pressure and need systems which save time and reduce workloads.

Target Tracker provides users with the whole national curriculum, broken down into logical statements There’s even a ‘pupil’ version of each statement – believe me, this is a lifesaver!

Combined with the Observations function available in both the app and the software, these statements can be used to support formative assessment and provide evidence; gone is the need for paper records that are easily lost when Ofsted come knocking!

But what about summative data? For the first time, formative assessment now supports information gathered in tests and summative methods.

Thanks to Target Tracker, learning has become more meaningful. Teaching staff have started to become more familiar with the full curriculum. Teachers were planning and tailoring every lesson to the gap analysis that their ongoing, formative assessment provided.

Better yet, pupils were involved in this process, setting their own targets and continually pushing for new challenges.

Target Tracker changed assessment and data for us It helped us to get it right. Once staff were using the data day-in-day-out, they started to explore. Before we knew it, teachers were coming to meetings armed with discussion points.

Teachers were telling us what they were proud of, generating their own ideas for interventions and school changes. As a headteacher, there is nothing more gratifying than seeing your staff happy and motivated.

Target Tracker empowered our teachers with knowledge and they used that power to make a huge difference.

Developed by EES for Schools, Target Tracker is a complete assessment education software package that supports the entry, analysis and sharing of pupil progress and attainment data through Early Years and Key Stages 1 and 2. For more information, visit


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