Are your students ready for the Elements this summer?

The Met Office has teamed up with Disney and Pixar to celebrate the release of their new film Elemental and to help young people make the most of the summer no matter what the weather elements bring.

Weather affects everything, from the way we live, to what we eat, to what we can do to enjoy ourselves. Each summer lots of people get caught out by the changing elements – whether that is getting too hot, getting caught in the rain, or even having our garden furniture and games blown around.

As the UK’s National Meteorological Service, we are experts in understanding weather and have a host of education resources for young people on our Learning hub.

These resources combine world-leading meteorological expertise with a sense of fun and adventure and are designed to spark students’ curiosity in the world around them and build an understanding of how weather can impact them.

“These resources combine world-leading meteorological expertise with a sense of fun and adventure.”

Working with Disney and Pixar means we can create eye-catching and fun materials to share these important messages. The characters from Element City, where the Pixar film takes place, make the perfect messengers to build awareness of summer weather and share advice on how to enjoy the summer months safely.

We’ve created a free downloadable poster for your classrooms and meeting spaces, complete with tips to help everyone make the most of the summer months.

Help your students feel empowered to take control of how the weather impacts them and their families. Let’s all be ready for the elements this summer!

Download the poster now to encourage your students to be ready for whatever weather elements the summer may bring.

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