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ViewSonic showcases cutting-edge EdTech at BETT 2023

The company took centre stage for three days to show educators and integrators alike its latest innovations across in-class, online, and hybrid learning... 

A leading global provider of visual solutions, ViewSonic, exhibited its cutting-edge EdTech solutions at March’s BETT Show 2023 (British Educational Training and Technology Show) in London.

By implementing the Ecosystem as a Service (EaaS) strategy, the company has been working with partners across the industry to create a digital education ecosystem. A range of advanced solutions has been developed to be seamlessly integrated into learning environments of all kinds.  

“ViewSonic is dedicated to partnering with the industry to offer innovative visual solutions, encompassing hardware, software, and service,” said Thomas Müller, vice president of sales and marketing West Europe.

“At BETT, we were proud to showcase our achievements in assisting educators to overcome the challenges of digital education. Moving forward, we remain steadfast in working with our industry partners to accelerate the pace of digital transformation in the education sector.”

“At BETT, we were proud to showcase our achievements in assisting educators to overcome the challenges of digital education.”

Thomas Müller, vice president of sales and marketing West Europe

Groundbreaking solutions

At the BETT, visitors were impressed by the company’s groundbreaking 5K 105” ViewBoard interactive display, the 135” All-in-One LED Display Solution Kit with its foldable screen, and the latest UNIVERSE virtual campus and myViewBoard software suite.

The star of the show was the new 105” ViewBoard (pictured top), featuring a 21:9 ratio screen and a conferencing camera, making it the perfect tool for hybrid learning.

The 21:9 screen ratio can be divided into two screens, allowing teachers to use the whiteboard and play videos simultaneously. Attendees were able to see how in-person and remote students can easily collaborate simultaneously.

Another solution highlight was the 135” All-in-One LED Display Solution Kit. The large screen was connected to a 24” smart podium to showcase how teachers can write and touch intuitively on the podium’s display and project their work in real-time.

Its impressive foldable design allows the screen to fit into a large passenger elevator or freight lift, as well as its movable flight case, making transportation between locations easier.

The 135” display’s exceptional visual quality also made for an ideal digital backdrop. Visitors had the pleasure of watching keynote speeches by renowned industry experts, including Professor Stephen Heppell, who spoke about new and innovative learning methods, and Dr David Whyley, who highlighted key strategies for school leaders, all with the aid of the device’s superior visual fidelity.

In addition, ViewSonic showcased ViewSonic Originals, a collection of pre-made content that enables teachers to create interactive digital lessons, and in-class gamification and social-emotional learning materials developed in collaboration with educational partners.

Optimal learning environments

In support of creating an optimal learning environment, ViewSonic demonstrated myViewBoard Manager and Sensor Box, which assist schools in remote managing devices efficiently.

The Sensor Box can optimise conditions such as air quality, humidity, and temperature in the classroom. It automatically switches displays on and off, enabling schools to save on energy costs.

The Bardwell Primary School in Suffolk enhanced its digital learning environment with the aforementioned solutions. Meanwhile, the Heathfield Primary School improved productivity by enabling their IT staff to remotely manage the school’s myViewBoard displays with myViewBoard Manager. 

ViewSonic further expanded its EdTech solutions to foster online learning experiences from a 2D to a 3D world. The UNIVERSE virtual campus, which recently received two prestigious EdTech Awards, tackles the main obstacles encountered during online education, paving the way for new horizons in digital learning.

In the virtual campus, visitors were able to transition from being mere spectators to active participants and immerse themselves in learning. Exciting new features were introduced to enhance the experience, such as the Thematic Classroom, which utilises a more engaging and visual approach to teaching specific topics to students.

Additionally, a new advanced management tool was introduced to help teachers boost their efficiency in the classroom.

Its latest success story from St. Joseph’s R.C. Primary School demonstrates how UNIVERSE has helped staff to foster a more collaborative and interactive learning environment, leading to an increased sense of belonging among students.

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