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British Red Cross launches a new Spring kindness calendar to support children’s wellbeing

British Red Cross

Free Spring kindness calendar activity pack available to download now.

With Covid-19 disruptions, isolation and staff shortages in schools across the UK, the last two years have been tough.

In response, the British Red Cross has developed a range of free teaching resources to support wellbeing.

They encourage children to reflect on the power of kindness through fun activities and show how simple kind acts can help us cope with challenges.

The new spring kindness calendar pack for ages 5-11 encourages children to practise kindness every day.

It’s designed for use in school and at home, so your pupils can integrate their learning into all aspects of their lives.

Doing this daily can create a positive habit that they continue throughout their lives.

What’s included in the pack?

  • A blank calendar poster for your classroom
  • Blank calendar printouts for each of your pupils
  • Teacher guidance and suggestions for simple kind acts
  • A PowerPoint presentation to help introduce the topic of kindness

Teachers can download these free colourful resources to use throughout spring.

The take-home calendars are ideal for the Easter break and the calendar poster can be used as a focus for circle time or group discussions.

Being kind not only supports others, but it also makes us feel good too.

Your class will be encouraged to be kind to themselves, their family, friends and community, and to the environment too.

What will children learn?

By taking part in the Spring kindness calendar activities, children will:

  • identify ways to show kindness and consider the power of kind words
  • discuss the meaning and importance of kindness and wellbeing
  • practise using kindness in their everyday lives
  • explain how we can help people feel better though kindness
  • gain a sense of achievement as they fill in the boxes
  • reflect on how it feels to be kind and make a kindness goal

Spring is often seen as a time for new beginnings, so it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce your class to simple, daily acts of kindness.

The calendar packs are fully-funded via the British Red Cross’s partnership with Aviva. So, there is no cost to you to download the pack.

The British Red Cross’ free kindness teaching resources are being used by schools across the UK to start conversations about wellbeing.

Working in partnership with Aviva, the charity has been offering free wellbeing education to support schools in their recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. Chloe Bruce, educational content manager for British Red Cross, says:

“Learning about kindness is a great way for children to develop social skills and emotional intelligence.

‘Applying that knowledge to then be kind regularly not only makes the world a little better for others, but it also improves our own self esteem and hopefulness, which are both important for our personal wellbeing and resilience.” Thousands of children and young people have received a Kindness activity pack via their school or youth group.

Teachers are also downloading resources for their lessons, covering topics like ‘Being kind to yourself’, ‘Managing stress’, and ‘Tackling loneliness’.

There are resources for adults too, with many schools ordering Wellbeing packs to support staff through this challenging time.

Visit the British Red Cross wellbeing hub to find out more.


British Red Cross

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