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Trauma Informed Schools UK

Trauma Informed Schools UK

What is it?

The Diploma in Trauma and Mental Health-Informed Schools Training (Practitioner Status) 10- or 12-day training programme (University of East London validated).

This valuable training is offered in many UK regions, and provides delegates with key insights into the psychology and neuroscience of mental ill-health and challenging behaviour alongside vital tools and techniques in knowing how to respond to a child’s narrative of painful life events.

Delegates will also be trained to know when to seek the support of psychologist-led supervision, and when to refer on. The course not only focuses on work with individual children but also on changing whole school cultures to be mentally healthy for all.

So the curriculum covers interventions designed specifically to address teacher stress, teacher absence and poor staff retention.

Delegates will also learn to use ‘Motional’ – an online tool for assessing, improving, and measuring change in emotional health and wellbeing.

Other trauma informed training for your school and staff includes: Schools inductions; one-day bespoke training (at your organisation); and senior leads training.

If you want not only to change troubled children’s lives, reduce exclusions and improve pupil attendance and staff retention, but also positively to impact on the mental health of your school culture as a whole, then this certificated training is a must.

“Mind-blowing course, the impact on my knowledge and confidence has been massive”

Summer 2019 Trainee

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Trauma Informed Schools UK

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