Wherever learning happens – be it in-person, virtually, or hybrid – LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime can support educators, parents, and students with playful and engaging STEAM learning.

Our kits encourage creativity, new skills, a deeper level of understanding as well as a greater awareness of STEAM-related careers. Here are five reasons why LEGO Education SPIKE Prime is the perfect fit for teaching and learning…

Playful learning

Now more than ever, we need to help students rediscover a love for learning – and even more so for STEAM lessons where traditionally its been more challenging to engage students.

Regardless of whether this takes place at home or in school, it’s important to provide them with as many hands-on experiences as possible, as this will help link theory with practice.

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime provides a stepping-stone into STEAM and robotics, allowing students to learn without even realising, as they associate it with play and fun. This is sometimes the best way to reinforce learning, or in some cases, getting them to engage with subjects in the first place.

Boosting curiosity

It’s no secret that curiosity helps motivate learning, but research also shows that it’s linked to better outcomes. When students are naturally curious or passionate about a topic, they are more likely to spend longer seeking out new information.

This not only helps develop critical thinking but will deepen their understanding of a topic and enhance their engagement with learning. Curiosity is key in grabbing students’ attention and encouraging them to ask questions.

Using our open-ended activities relating to real-world challenges, will inspire students to think outside the box, challenge existing theories and concepts, while giving them the freedom and flexibility to consider and discover alternative solutions.

Bolster creativity

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime allows students to use their imagination to come up with their own interpretations and answers, to some of the activity’s challenges.

Using hands-on resources encourages creativity as it provides them with the freedom to explore and create without limitations. The models can be assembled, disassembled, and reassembled time and time again, with a different outcome every time.

The possibilities really are endless; there are easy entry lessons and limitless design opportunities that can be scaled up or down to engage students and accelerate STEAM learning. Applying this creative thinking to other areas of learning is an invaluable skill which can be used beyond classroom learning.

Build confidence

While programming and building abilities are clear skills that can be gained from using LEGO Education SPIKE Prime arguably, what is more important, is the problem-solving, experimentation, and in turn confidence building.

Encouraging students to take risks, learn from their failings and try and try again until they succeed, not only builds resilience but also confidence; they will learn how to believe in themselves and their ideas.

After all, a lack of confidence can hinder progress, and a fear of failure can lead to reduced participation and engagement in lessons.

However, the use of experimentation with the kit and the flexibility of its tasks means that students can explore, build, work together, and come up with all kinds of solutions, automatically boosting their confidence in skills and knowledge.

Support for teachers

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime is incredibly easy for teaching staff to use.

The programming software is intuitive, straightforward to understand and easy to implement.

The kits are accompanied by training and lesson plans to help develop knowledge, understanding, and confidence.

It’s also a great cross-curricular tool in supporting STEAM subjects and can be linked to other areas of the curriculum, giving teachers everything they need to incorporate robots and programming into wider learning opportunities.