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5 reasons to try… Teaching Teachers Tech: Computing with Python

30 Second Briefing

At BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, we’re committed to making IT good for society, to ensure that everyone has access to the digital skills needed to thrive in life and work today. 

1. It’s easier than you think 

Whether you’re already teaching computing or you want to move into the subject, it’s vital that you have in-depth knowledge and understanding of computer programming. 

In just eight weeks, the Teaching Teachers Tech: Computing with Python subject knowledge enhancement programme is designed to improve and update your knowledge in Python programming to teach at GCSE standard. 

2. Enhance your future career 

Coding skills are in demand, as are computer science teachers due to declining recruitment numbers. The course contains four assignments and once you have finished them, you’ll gain a BCS-branded certificate of completion.  

On completion, the door is open to be able to teach computing with Python and deliver a quality learning experience, as part of a computer science course or as a stand-alone course that provides the best outcomes for your students. 

3. Increase your school’s digital capabilities

The world is becoming more digital so it’s vital your school has the necessary capabilities to deliver the best outcomes for children, ensuring they’re prepared for the future.

As such, the course covers the programming elements in computer science GCSE and beyond, as well as the programming elements in computer science IGCSE. You’ll learn about the following:

  • Box variables 
  • Concatenation 
  • Calculations – Counters and incrementing 
  • Calculations – Modulo 
  • Selection – If, elif and else statements inc Nested 
  • Loops (Non-Deterministic and Counter controlled) 
  • Lists and Multi-dimensional lists 
  • Loops with lists 
  • Nested loops 
  • Functions with parameters 
  • Bubble sort 
  • Linear search.

“Providing your teachers with opportunities to learn, expand their skills, and develop their career paths is a great strategy for increasing staff-retention rates.”

4. Improve teacher performance and retention

Providing your teachers with opportunities to learn, expand their skills, and develop their career paths – whilst empowering them to succeed – is a great strategy for increasing staff-retention rates. It also creates an attractive culture to those coming to work for the school, and will help boost your school’s reputation. 

The course is a minimum of four hours per week and is done all online, with dedicated round-the-clock support from our expert tutors, so can be easily completed in your own time.

5. Anyone can learn, so what’s stopping you?

The programme is open to everyone looking to boost their knowledge in Python and teach programming at GCSE standard, including:

  • Teachers 
  • Aspiring teachers 
  • College lecturers 
  • Anyone with a genuine interest in developing their skills in Python.

There are no exemptions or required qualifications to start, which makes this a great solution to upskill non-specialist staff.

If you’re already teaching the subject or have completed other courses, for example, a computer science accelerator, this certification is designed to build on that knowledge and provide a deeper understanding of the subject. 

Sign up now and receive the first module to try for FREE.

Need to know
  • Learn how to teach and programme Python, and enhance your future career. 
  • Gain valuable CPD hours. 
  • Equip your students with the programming skills needed for their future, with competent and confident teachers.
  • Earn a BCS-branded certificate to add to your CV as proof of your programming competence to teach at GCSE level. 


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