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Record, share, and celebrate children’s learning with this secure online learning journal

30 Second Briefing

Created by educators, Tapestry is an easy-to-use, secure online learning journal helping staff and families celebrate and support their children’s learning in both mainstream and specialist provision.

Every subscription gives access to a wide variety of features designed to reduce workload and assist the development of each setting and school.

1. Engaging with parents

Tapestry understands how important it is for parents and carers to be able to engage and contribute to their child’s learning and development.

Through the use of features such as observations and memos, Tapestry allows educators and families to collaborate in an equal partnership to support their children, encouraging consistent dialogue throughout a child’s time at a school or setting.

Educators can build meaningful relationships with families, strengthening their knowledge of the children and giving families the opportunity to provide valuable input.

2. Support your SEND provision

All children are entitled to child-centred assessment, not just those who are developing typically.

The Cherry Garden Branch Maps framework, available online exclusively with Tapestry, was created specifically by Ofsted Outstanding specialist school Cherry Garden as a resource to support educators working with children with learning differences and disabilities.

Development doesn’t necessarily look the same for all pupils, and the unique interactive orchard provides the opportunity to celebrate progress and engage children and families with their learning.

3. Your curriculum, your way

Tapestry’s Bespoke Frameworks feature gives educators the flexibility to create and upload their own curriculums and milestones directly onto their accounts. Educators can capture and reflect on progress in a way that works for their cohorts and team, whilst keeping the child at the centre of their practice.

The thoroughness screen also provides staff with an ‘at a glance’ view of what has been covered in their provision, aiding future planning decisions.

“Educators can capture and reflect on progress in a way that works for their cohorts and team, whilst keeping the child at the centre of their practice.”

4. Setting activities

Create, store and send custom activities, responding to children’s unique learning needs with Tapestry’s Activities feature. Educators can develop their own catalogue of activities, and choose existing ideas from Tapestry’s activities catalogue.

Relatives can view their child’s set activities on their devices and respond to them with their own observations, providing staff with a full picture of the child’s experiences.

5. Child Login

With Child Login, children can sign into Tapestry securely from anywhere, allowing them to view and comment on existing observations and respond to set activities independently.

Pupils can engage with their learning directly, giving them more autonomy and encouraging them to take pride in their own work.

Educators can add assessments to observations uploaded by the children and provide meaningful feedback on their contributions, working collaboratively with them to add their voice to their journey.

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Key points
  • Each subscription includes all features, meaning no hidden costs or fees. Package prices are dictated only by the total number of child profiles needed.
  • Tapestry has a friendly and knowledgeable customer service team, who are happy to provide assistance and guidance with any and all queries you may have.
  • Tapestry is supported by an experienced education team, dedicated to making sure service consistently suits the needs of the sector and customer base.
  • Free high-quality CPD, created in collaboration with sector experts, is included in all subscriptions, offering effective training to support staff with their ongoing professional development.


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