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Super-Readable Rollercoasters for KS3 from OUP

Oxford University Press

Exhilarating reads perfect for language analysis, book club discussions and sharing at home…

At a glance

  • A new series of short and impactful fictional stories designed for maximum engagement
  • Themes matched to the reader’s age
  • Expertly crafted to remove barriers to comprehension
  • Written by bestselling and award-winning authors
  • Accessible layouts and spacing with a dyslexia-friendly font to make reading easier

Free voluntary reading builds empathy, improves wellbeing and plays a significant role in helping students to reduce the word gap.

However, many students may have read less for pleasure during lockdown and so these gaps will have widened.

So how do we make reading an experience that is actively sought out by frustrated tween and teen readers?

Well, steering them in the direction of an exciting new collection called Super-Readable Rollercoasters is a sure-way to strengthen reading identities, self-concept and motivation.

These are books written by amazing authors and cover topics and issues which readers can make personal or emotional connections with.

Titles span from powerful historical tales of football, friendship and loyalty, to riveting contemporary stories of bullying, community, revenge, loneliness and growing up.

What makes these books so readable is their shorter length which allows students to build their stamina and confidence.

The stories are all extremely well-told with ‘edge-of-your-seat’ chapters full of short and punchy sentences and lots of dialogue that keep interest levels high. They are highly readable with realistic and three-dimensional characters that readers care about and convincing texts with very exciting storylines.

These are ‘hi lo’ books which means they are expertly matched to the age of the reader not a reading level and so the text is edited to suit a lower reading age. They will appeal to both fluent readers as well as reluctant readers.

What you won’t find in these books are lots of superfluous and unnecessary words that get in the way of understanding and enjoyment, yet at the same time they still offer challenge.

There are five titles currently available with a sixth on its way later this year and include top authors such as 2020 Carnegie Medal winner Anthony McGowan, Phil Earle and Michael Wagg, Tanya Landman, Patrice Lawrence, Marcus Sedgwick and Sally Nicholls.

These books don’t stop there though as they include fascinating author interviews with background information and writing inspiration, including probing questions, quick quizzes, word lists and suggestions for what to read next.

These are perfect for language analysis, book club discussions and for sharing at home.

These exhilarating reads will have a positive impact on reading attainment and writing ability, text comprehension and grammar, breadth of vocabulary, positive reading attitudes and reader self-confidence.

Free online teaching resources accompany all the titles in this controlled-readability series via a teacher resource pack which is freely downloadable.

This series is full of editorial sensibility and great design and is a magnificent collaboration between Oxford University Press and award-winning publisher Barrington Stoke.

They bridge the gap between what students can and want to read.


  • Clear and direct text with high interest and familiar vocabulary
  • Ideal for closing the word gap and supporting personal and cognitive development
  • Dyslexia-friendly and highly accessible for under-confident readers
  • Encourages a love of reading, builds reading stamina and improves intrinsic motivation
  • Each book has the potential to be read over and over again
  • Ideal for building reading fluency, vocabulary, background knowledge and interest in reading

Upgrade if…

You are looking for fast-moving plots, authentic characters and engaging topics with real textual integrity to help get students hooked on books and reading for the joy of it.

Cost: £7.99 per title. For more information call 01536 452 775 or visit


Oxford University Press

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