Love of learning isn’t just for children – it plays a critical role in increasing our own capabilities well beyond the time we spend at school.

Learning should be a lifelong pursuit, and this can be modelled by you, the teacher.

As teachers and educators, you are at the very heart of our future. Every day you witness the value of learning and the power and opportunity it brings to the children in your care.

You carry high levels of responsibility in ensuring your learners leave their education with the best possible outcomes in order to embark on a fulfilling and successful future.

But in times of change and uncertainty, how do you ensure that you can meet this great responsibility to the best of your abilities?

The best schools and organisations place value on continued professional development. It is a cornerstone for driving up standards and performance, and managing change and improvement. It also plays a central role in retaining and attracting a skilled workforce.

However, it can often be overlooked, particularly in periods of high stress and challenge.

It’s time to invest in our teachers

The impact of the pandemic is significant for us all, taking us out of our comfort zones, and requiring us to rapidly adapt to changing contexts.

Teachers have reframed their learning environments from classrooms to online; parents have become home educators and children have been learning alone or with siblings.

Readjusting to formal education will be a challenge for everyone, and it is imperative that learners aren’t the only ones who are supported in their return to the classroom.

Right now, teachers across the country are assessing how much their learners have missed out on essential education during this time and the impact that will have had on their progress.

The critical question teachers will be reflecting upon is how they deliver on any missed curriculum without causing any further stress to the learner?

There is no single answer to this. Teachers will be drawing on a number of solutions as they meet the needs of their learners, and many could benefit from a change in perspective which training can often provide.

CPD provides teachers with the opportunity to invest in their own learning, and stepping away from the classroom – be it for an hour’s webinar or a day’s training – will reenergise teachers to help meet these new challenges.

Professional development can offer the individual time to reflect on their own practice whilst also hearing from other teachers, but it can offer the school so much too.

The benefits are not limited to but include:

  1. Strengthened teaching practice
  2. Sustained and improved learners’ outcomes
  3. Promoted culture of placing value on lifelong learning and development
  4. Increased staff performance and quality

Professional development with Driver Youth Trust

Driver Youth Trust provides a range of professional development workshops and webinars that authentically support school staff at every stage of their careers.

We use our knowledge of literacy difficulties and SEND to encourage teachers to develop strategies and interventions to support all learners and make sustainable changes to their classroom practice.

DYT’s new webinars (November and January) and workshops (from spring 2021) are competitively priced and open to everyone. Spaces are limited, so secure your booking early to avoid missing out!

Written by Nicola Podd, Director of Programmes, and Kelly Challis, Consultant Teacher, Driver Youth Trust.