2Simple was founded by a primary school teacher, and today almost half of its staff are former teachers.

It understands the stresses and constraints that modern teachers are under and all its products are designed to make your life easier, without sacrificing quality.

Striver is 2Simple’s new PE and wellbeing platform, created to increase pupils’ physical and mental wellbeing.

It does this by ensuring children of all abilities feel motivated and engaged, and that teachers of all experience levels feel confident and in control.

Striver aims to increase teachers’ confidence with a complete scheme of work for PE, written by specialists, for the non-specialist.

Lesson plans include videos, images and diagrams to make them accessible for PE teachers of all experience levels.

The in-built assessment system makes tracking quick and easy, and the handy calendar function allows PE Coordinators to easily organise PE across the whole school.

2Simple’s team are big believers in the power of growth mindset. At the beginning of every unit children set their own Personal Best (PB), with scores recorded in the Striver App.

As they progress through the lessons they try and beat their own score so by the end of the unit they can see exactly how far they’ve progressed.

Striver then automatically generates a personalised certificate for every child, perfect for sending home to parents.

In addition to a full PE scheme of work there are six wellbeing units studied each year: Mindfulness, Sleep, Nutrition, Personal Care, Yoga and Teamwork.

These units aim to boost self-esteem, build resilience and support pupils’ personal development.

They’re studied at increasing levels of depth as they move up through the school. This reinforcement process has been used so that by the time children leave your school, they not only understand these topics, but are able to put what they have learnt into practice in a meaningful way.

“Striver ticks all the boxes! The kids love the programme and you know it is good when they come up every day asking when they are going to do Striver again.”

Stephen Feeney
PE Teacher of the Year 2014, Brighton & Hove

To find out more head to 2simple.com/wellbeing/striver and for a free trial click on 2simple.com/wellbeing/striver/trial-page.