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Sky Arts launches a nationwide celebration of the arts in primary schools and everyone’s invited

Free, ready-made resources to fill an entire week and more…

From 6-10 June 2022, Sky Arts will be providing you with everything you need to create your own arts week in your school.

You don’t need any prior experience of teaching art or any specialist equipment to take part, just yourselves, your pupils and the desire to embark on a creative journey.

Teachers can access a full programme of free, ready-made learning materials via a content-rich website, providing a hub of activities, video content and competitions brought together by Sky Arts and their partner arts organisations.

“As a school, we are very interested in developing the arts for all of the children. It is exciting to be part of arts week – looking forward to what it may offer!”

Access All Arts will give teachers access to five modules, built around five forms of artistic expression:

Marks – Words – Sounds – Moves – Images

Within each expression, schools will be able to explore two different artforms:

  • Marks
    2D mark making and 3D mark making
  • Words
    Poetry and storytelling
  • Sounds
    Singing and instruments
  • Moves
    Movement and drama
  • Images
    Filmmaking and photography

And that’s not all… Each expression is championed by an exciting video featuring a familiar face – real-life working artists and creatives and true ambassadors of their craft.

You can expect to see the likes of Bob and Roberta Smith, MC Grammar, YolanDa Brown, Liz Pichon and many more.

By registering to take part, you’ll:

  • Be the first to gain access to the resources when they drop – you can expect expert, supportive content featuring some familiar celebrity faces
  • Reduce planning time with lesson guides, pre-prepared resources, CPD, masterclasses, and more
  • Supercharge your existing arts lessons with adaptable and flexible materials
  • Give pupils the chance to explore and experiment with a spectrum of art forms
  • Fuel pupils’ intuition, creativity, confidence, and self-expression

So, come and join the 3,000 teachers who are already registered and sign up today to be part of Access All Arts week and receive the monthly newsletters containing frequent competitions with amazing prizes to be won for your school, talent and partnership announcements, free CPD, creative events and opportunities and so much more.

“This week sounds super exciting and definitely something I’d like to take part in with my school as the Art, DT and Music co-ordinator! Our children at St Mary’s would be enthused by this opportunity as we are a small village school with extremely little funding for the arts, this is a fantastic opportunity for us to experiment artistically! Thanks, countdown to June!”

Browse ideas for Children’s Art Week.

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