Aimed at saving teachers time and energy by providing them with limitless customisable maths resources, Leaarn is a fantastic brand-new resource that offers the ability to automatically create maths worksheets for any topic.

You can check out some of its resources here.

Leaarn’s founders have created a cutting-edge question generator, allowing teachers to easily produce as many tasks as they need for their class.

Worksheets are available for every single learning objective in the KS1 and KS2 English National Curriculum for Maths.

As the worksheets are aligned to the National Curriculum, they can also be used to provide evidence that your children are on-track or exceeding their targets. This makes them great for Ofsted inspections, parents’ evenings, and the Teacher’s Assessment Framework.

Teachers can customise the worksheet choosing one of Leaarn’s high-quality, beautifully designed borders, which are available in colour or in black and white for the children to colour in themselves.

The black and white option provides a great reward or activity for the children once they have finished their work, while helping to save on ink costs if necessary.

Moreover, the website’s generator is very simple to use, you only need to choose a title, border and the learning objectives you wish to test. You can give it a go yourself at Leaarn’s free question generator.

Unlike old-fashioned learning resources, Leaarn allows you to create multiple unique worksheets quickly and easily for the same topic.

This makes it suitable for both homework and creating multiple sheets for in-class activities, to accommodate children who complete the worksheets quickly, and students who need some extra practice.

The worksheets generated are also perfect for class tests. As up to five learning objectives per worksheet can be chosen, it is possible to create any test needed for the class, no matter which topics require assessing.

Leaarn also has generators to create mock SATS papers, meaning teachers can make sure their class is prepared for their summer exams. These generators were inspired by previous papers, so the topics and questions are like real SATS.

This is not only a stress-free way for current teachers to get new, state-of-the-art resources, but it is also a phenomenal tool for NQTs who are looking for the maths resources they need, all in one place.

Leaarn is currently available for just £25 for an entire year for the first 150 people who subscribe, with monthly and quarterly payment options also available.

Additionally, any schools that subscribe before the end of September will get full access to Leaarn at discounted prices between £95 and £285, depending on the size of your school.

You can get more details about its pricing here.

Want to find out more? Check out the Leaarn website at, or follow on twitter @Leaarn_edu and Facebook @LeaarnLtd.