What is it?

A structured, whole-school framework that instils teacher confidence and promotes a consistently high-quality approach from everyone involved in delivering RSHE.

RSHE by iAchieve provides an RSHE framework that covers all statutory guidance in an easy to access online platform.

It’s a whole-school solution covering Year 7 to Year 11, broken down by year group.

Our ready-made resources cover the most difficult subjects, so that even non-specialist teachers can be confident that the content is appropriate – thus significantly reducing your planning and workload, while still ensuring that your RSHE provision remains consistently high between different year groups and teachers.

RSHE by iAchieve resources are produced by experts and endorsed by leading awarding organisation, NCFE CACHE to assure their quality.

Utilising the DfE-recommended ‘spiral style’ approach, topics intertwine as they do in the real world, building in complexity and reinforcing previous learning.

RSHE by iAchieve provides a structure from which to build a bespoke and well-planned RSHE curriculum.

It’s about offering a consistent, whole-school provision that flexes to meet the needs of your learners in your specific context – and it’s about empowering teachers to be confident in what they’re delivering.

“Schools feel excited and confident teaching RSHE, knowing they’re making a real difference to students’ lives”

Jonathan Ovenden, iAchieve Chief Executive

For more information call 07984 587 274, email jonathan.ovenden@iachieve.org.uk or visit i-achieve.org.uk.