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Rocktopus – Physical and musical workshops that rock

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Rocktopus is a real-life rock band for kids! They’ve got two albums on international release and they’re experts at writing songs with children.

Boost your school’s wellbeing by turning PE skills and school values into songs and music videos that ROCK!

Rocktopus is a truly unique experience, offering award winning cross-curricular school workshops that leave every child in your school feeling like a songwriter and movie star with an energized body and a positive mindset.

Fully qualified and experienced teachers by day and rock stars by night, the band provides an energetic experience cleverly designed to cover PE, music and literacy.

Schools have the choice of two live music workshops – ‘Rock The Sport’ and ‘School Values Rock’. Both options are whole-school experiences, split into smaller sessions, allowing each child to be involved in the creation of unique songs and optional music videos.

Rock The Sport is designed to get the heart pumping and creative juices flowing with real-life rock stars! This workshop is packed full of awesome actions, dance moves and PE skills that get the children up and moving to the songs they’ve written.

The workshops end with big finales – your children performing their brand-new songs and dance routines!

School Values Rock is an excellent way of getting the entire school to understand and appreciate your school values.

After diving deep into the meaning of your values, children will get fit by choreographing moves to the lyrics they’ve written; developing a passion and enthusiasm for your school like never before.

Again, these workshops end with the self-esteem-boosting performances of their new songs and dance routines.

“It’s an absolute no brainer! It’s fun, it’s inclusive, it’s all the things that are great about education rolled into one. We’ve had them in twice now and have booked them to come again!”

George Samios, Headteacher, Twerton Infants, Bath
Need to know
  • A Rocktopus workshop day is made up of four individual sessions and can accommodate up to 60 children per session. Rocktopus can work with children throughout your school – all the way from EYFS to Year 6.
  • These award-winning workshops are suggested in the DfE document ‘Evidencing the impact of the Primary PE and Sport Premium’ as an excellent way of using Sports Premium funding.
  • Rocktopus delivers an unforgettable experience that will guide your children through every step of their tried and tested songwriting process. The add-on music video package will allow you to engrain your school values or help keep your children fit and healthy forever more.
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