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PrimaryHealth & Wellbeing

Review – Discovery Education Health and Relationships

Discovery Education
At a glance
  • Comprehensive coverage of the new curriculum
  • Meets statutory requirements
  • Well-resourced lessons introduced by enjoyable and relatable videos
  • Detailed teacher guidance and ongoing support
  • Invaluable parental engagement resources
  • Designed by experts that understand schools’ needs

Maintaining good health and relationships can be a hard enough challenge for many adults, so it would be no surprise if the prospect of teaching these topics to primary school children made you shudder.

Luckily, there are resources available to ease that burden.

If you are seeking a quality solution for your school, the Health and Relationships programme from Discovery Education could be just the ticket.

Finding reassurance

As with anything that has the potential to cause anxiety, finding reassurance is often a good start. And what could be more reassuring than being guided by people who know what they are talking about?

This programme has been designed by experts with a seasoned eye for the needs of schools, yet it is adaptable to the specific characteristics of your community.

There are detailed progression maps so that you can be confident that the new curriculum has been fully covered.

Comprehensive teacher guidance

The offer also includes comprehensive teacher guidance, so you’re not left entirely to your own devices.

Having got the practical stuff out of the way, let’s focus on the materials themselves. For me, this is where it really shines.

Child-led videos

The main topics are organised into ‘channels’. For each of these, there is a series of three lessons per year group (complete with editable, printable plans and resources), introduced by a video.

The videos are delightful. Though professionally produced, they are child-led, with an un-self-conscious diversity, which makes them instantly relatable.

There is also an authentic charm about the performances, largely because they often feature real pupils expressing their own views in their own way.

They are like the very best circle times you’ve ever had with any distractions and disruptions edited out.

Helpful parental communication

Back to the tough practicalities – parents. We all know that the topics covered by this area can cause all sorts of issues.

Fortunately, this programme comes complete with a whole section dedicated to parental communication.

This includes ready-made presentations as well as letter templates so you don’t have to agonise over what to say and how to say it.

With everything covered in such a neat package, this programme won’t just deliver this important part of the curriculum – it might also go a long way towards safeguarding your own staff’s mental health and personal relationships.

From £275 per year. Find out more here.

Verdict Reviewed by Mike Davies
  • Reassuringly knowledgeable and authoritative
  • Adaptable for regional differences
  • Enjoyable, engaging lessons
  • Wonderfully accessible videos
  • Supports parent-teacher communication
  • Detailed progression maps
  • Teacher guidance is available

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You want to feel confident you are covering the whole new RSHE curriculum in a positive, thoughtful and engaging way.
Discovery Education

Discovery Education

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