The world is moving towards remote and hybrid learning/working for many reasons.

Covid-19 changed our world and accelerated the transformation process. In order to keep safe and open, schools moved to remote learning, transforming the classroom experience.

If moving to remote learning wasn’t easy for many, teachers also had to work with at least two or three platforms in order to manage the class: classroom management, video conference and learning management systems.

Moving between platforms is not ideal, it is time-consuming and teachers are less focused on teaching. Other challenges that teachers are facing in remote or hybrid learning setting is communicating with their students while keeping their digital safety a high priority.

Radix TeacherView is an all-in-one classroom management solution, equipped with a built-in video conference system, allowing teachers the “over the shoulder” teaching experience they are used to in a remote or hybrid setting, staying in touch with their students while keeping their digital safety at a high level and also providing them the best possible learning experience.

Built to scale, Radix TeacherView provides teachers with the tools they need to have a seamless traditional physical classroom experience virtually, monitoring not only the video camera but also the students’ desktops in real-time, virtually walk between students and engage either in 1:1 mode or group collaboration, monitor the class attention level and assist students in real-time using AI.

Streamline the learning experience and keep your finger on the classroom pulse.

Remote at home, local at school or hybrid classrooms, the solution can be used during an emergency and routine, move to remote learning in a click of a button.

Key features

  • Share teacher or student screens and video camera
  • Distribute content from the cloud/local drive and share websites
  • Respond silently to electronic “hand raises”
  • View thumbnails of students’ screens in real-time
  • Work alongside or remotely take control of screens
  • Lock screens to maximize attention and minimize distractions
  • Limit access by blacklisting and whitelisting websites
  • Conduct surveys and quizzes


  • Running on AWS – redundancy and a highly-secured environment
  • GDPR and CCPA compliant
  • Easy-to-use, seamless installation, start managing your class in minutes
  • Flexible business model, choose between per student, teacher or school site license
  • Chat, email, phone and self-service support
  • Complimentary training is available online four times a week or on request

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Reviewed by John Dabell

Why TeacherView is for you

Virtually all teachers will not have been trained to teach virtually. But this isn’t just a training issue. The technology teachers have been using has massively contributed to their success or failure.

Corporate platforms aren’t a good fit for education. This is why I am completely sold on TeacherView from Radix.

This is a sensational cutting-edge e-learning cloud-based solution that transforms remote/hybrid learning by combining video conferencing and classroom management into a user-friendly platform.

With 57 fabulous features, this trailblazer really does mean everyone can share a virtual space as close to a real physical, classroom-environment, experience.

Interactive, intelligent and inspirational, I love that this software is designed for truly collaborative learning and is able to manage all devices so you can easily monitor and assist your students in real-time.

This is next-level stuff and easily best of breed.