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SecondaryHealth & Wellbeing

Prepare your students for the world of work with new KS4 resources from the NHS

Step into the NHS
The Lowdown
KS4 careers resources from the NHS
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Inspire your students and help them Step into the NHS this term, with free cross-curricular linked resources for Key Stage 4, available now.

The resources span five topic areas and develop key skills to prepare students for the world of work and help them discover the range of careers available in the NHS.

What subjects do the KS4 resources support?

Designed with accessibility in mind, the resources have been peer reviewed by teachers and experts and created with flexibility at their core so you can use them in their entirety or adapt them by picking and choosing elements to suit students’ needs and lesson plans.

Each topic area contains a range of careers and PSHEE-activities which are easily linked to support other subjects, such as English, drama, citizenship and health and social care.

What’s on offer?

The Key Stage 4 resources provide you with everything you need to deliver interactive lessons with impact and confidence to your students.

Each topic delivers different learning outcomes and is supported by teacher guidance, worksheets and slides.

And for students there are opportunities to take interactive quizzes, work in groups, watch career videos, role-play and even create their own CV! The five topics covered are:

My interests, skills and future choices

Students will reflect on their personal interests and choices as well as identify skills and match them to NHS careers, with a questionnaire and creation of a skills map.

Work-related skills

Students will understand the qualities attitudes and skills needed for employability in roles such as a paramedic, finance manager, chef and carer, as well as identify and use a range of information to research and review career options.

A skills activity and role-play scenarios will help describe how professions will respond to situations.

Verbal and non-verbal communication

From preparing for virtual job interviews to body language prompt cards, emotion wheels and observation sheets, students will identify the communication skills needed to enter and thrive in the working world, as well as develop self-awareness by reflecting critically on behaviour and its impact on others.

Working to help young people deal with their problems

Raising a number of important but sensitive topics, these resources will help explain that our physical, mental and emotional health and choices affect our ability to lead fulfilling lives and that there is help and support available when they are threatened.

In addition to also understanding the NHS careers involved in supporting their mental health, students will use factsheets to identify common issues young people face and create an engaging campaign to help people deal with these issues.

Preparing for the world of work

In addition to identifying personal skills and qualities related to jobs, students will learn CV best practice, writing techniques and top tips to help them create a CV for specific job descriptions.

Raise the aspirations of your students and prepare them to enter the world of work by downloading the resources today!

Need to know
  • The NHS KS4 resources allow students to discover more than 350 jobs in healthcare – from accounts assistant to paramedic – some of which may surprise you…
  • Topic four of the NHS KS4 resources provides students with factsheets to help identify common issues they may face, such as poor mental health and stress
  • The resources have been created with flexibility at their core, letting you pick which work best for you and your students
  • studentsOur resources can help bring classroom learning to life for young people, enabling them to connect what they learn now with the careers they’ll be pursuing in the future
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