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Polydron maths resources
In a nutshell
Maths / Geometry / Shape / Space
Key Stage

Polydron manipulatives are great visual, hands-on learning tools to help with the understanding of different mathematical concepts.

The variety of different construction methods that are available benefit children at different stages of their development.

Recognised by teachers, nationally and internationally, Polydron has become a staple must-have maths resource that has child development at its core.

Orignally, Polydron is a unique learning tool made up of a selection of 2D shapes that clip together to create nets and subsequently 3D models.

Over the years Polydron has become a comprehensive teaching tool that is adaptable to many areas of learning, from EYFS, to KS1 and KS2.

It has also found many great practical uses in secondary and higher mathematics.

During KS1 and KS2, pupils are targeted to:

“Develop their ability to recognise, describe, draw, compare and sort different shapes and use the related vocabulary”

National Curriculum in England: Mathematics programmes of study: Key stages 1 and 2

Magnetic Polydron is a must for all KS1 and KS2 classrooms. The ease of construction and the fun of magnets makes learning and teaching about shape and space much more interactive.

As students progress through each year of learning, the type of Polydron they use in the classroom can be changed.

Progressing from Magnetic Polydron to Original Polydron adds a new dimension to investigation, the change of construction method and the ability to create more complex nets and geometric models opens up a new area of understanding and discussion within the classroom.

Using hands-on, visual aids such as Polydron, during lessons harmonises the relationship between teaching and learning.

Holding and demonstrating a resource at the front of the classroom and giving students the option to do the same will underpin the mathematical concepts that are being taught.

Need to know
  • Not all manipulatives are toys, though they can be used during certain aspects of ‘play’. The use of manipulatives helps students to hone in on their mathematical thinking and reasoning skills.
  • Using hands-on resources, like Polydron, brings an excellent tried and tested formula to reinforce understanding of challenging concepts, creating touching and feeling real forms, will enable real appreciation of the task in hand.
  • It is also well worth noting that Polydron is a great, fun construction product that will challenge children’s creativity and understanding of shape and space as they learn through play.
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