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Review – Oxford National Curriculum Tests – Review

Oxford University Press

An impressive collection of SATS-style papers with top-quality, tried and tested content…

At a glance

  • Paper-based SATs-style tests for maths, reading and grammar, punctuation and spelling from Y2 to Y6
  • Teacher’s Guides including mark schemes
  • Supported by the MERiT online reporting tool for data analysis
  • Developed by assessment experts
  • Published in association with Testbase

Tests written to mirror the SATs seem to be everywhere but only a few do it well; those few usually get the same look and feel as the real thing, helping children to become more confident.

The most effective tests are also those that have been extensively trialled and are able to produce performance data. Where some providers fall short is building in the ability to interpret the results and produce a range of reports for planning.

But not OUP. OUP has stepped up to the plate and produced, in association with Testbase, an impressive collection of tests that not only look the part but contain high-quality, tried-and-tested content and come with probability charts, test thresholds and reporting.

Oxford National Curriculum Tests do a sterling job in replicating SATs-style papers so we can get an accurate picture of pupil attainment and assess what we need to do next to upgrade knowledge, understanding and skills.

These paper-based tests are high-quality through and through, with real credibility. The content has been incredibly well thought out and written to exacting standards, with meticulous mark schemes that mimic the SATs administration guidance.

Once pupils have taken their tests, you can then enter their data into a mark entry and reporting system from Testbase, called MERiT.

Getting under the bonnet of each child’s performance within the tests could be incredibly time-consuming but MERiT provides question-by-question analysis and you can view strengths and weaknesses by curriculum strand.

Vibrant on-screen reports are generated using real-time data so you can feel confident in the precision and consistency of the information for targeting interventions effectively and grouping pupils appropriately.

These reports are perfect for sharing performance data with colleagues, governors and Ofsted.

The advantage of this system is that you can make individual, class and school comparisons with the test population, based on performance and demographics.

This enables you to view the probability of each pupil achieving the expected standard on the national tests. You can also upload the data into your school MIS.

Oxford National Curriculum Tests are as close as you will get to the real thing and go the extra mile by providing the data you need to make a difference.

They offer some of the best preparation you are likely to find and are the perfect package for revision, planning and getting children on track.


  • Robust, rigorous and reliable
  • Help make valid and trustworthy judgements about attainment
  • Monitor pupil progress, benchmark results and plan next steps
  • Quickly pinpoint areas for development and support
  • Tailor-made for using performance data wisely
  • Supports reporting to parents

Upgrade if…

You are looking to accurately assess your pupils’ knowledge and application of National Curriculum content from Y2 to Y6 and professionalise your testing regime.

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Reviewed by John Dabell


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Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press

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