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Numberblocks maths resources from Learning Resources®

The Lowdown
Numberblocks maths resources
In a nutshell
Maths / Number sense / Numberblocks / Foundation skills
Key Stage

Leading educational toy company Learning Resources® brings the on-screen maths learning with the Numberblocks to life with a range of engaging, hands-on resources that immerse pupils in the development of number sense and foundational maths skills with their favourite Numberblocks friends.

Based on the award-winning CBeebies TV series, Learning Resources’ range of high-quality Numberblocks maths teaching resources have been developed to make mastering numbers fun for young children as they engage with the mathematical concepts shown in the episodes.

MathLink® Cubes Numberblocks Classroom Set

The new MathLink® Cubes Numberblocks Classroom Set is a comprehensive EYFS maths mastery resource.

It has over 1,900 pieces and provides enough hands-on resources for 12 pairs of pupils to use the special edition Numberblocks MathLink Cubes to complete all the activities in the Teacher’s Guide.

The interactive resources are also simple for teachers to incorporate into existing schemes of work.

The included Teacher’s Guide has 60 x 15-minute lessons which are aligned to the EYFS and National Curriculum objectives.

Each ties in with a specific Numberblocks episode, and teachers are encouraged to show students a clip or the full episode during the lesson to create a multisensory learning experience.

The step-by-step nature of each lesson allows teachers to introduce the activity and connect it to a specific episode’s ‘big idea’, do the activity, and then wrap up the learning. This offers a way to deepen pupils’ grasp of the concepts, and to assess their understanding.

“The interactive Numberblocks resources are simple for teahcers to incorporate into schemes of work and makes mastering numbers fun”

The set also includes five double-sided teacher demonstration cards, and 10 reproducible worksheets.

The stacks of MathLink Cubes are colour-coded, and the storage tote has separate compartments for the teacher demo cubes, which makes setting up lessons easy.

The Numberblocks Numberblob Counting Set is a versatile resource with 120 Numberblob counters in the 12 colours that match the Numberblocks One to Ten, including Nine’s three shades of grey.

The Numberblobs are ideal for adding, subtracting, counting, patterning, and sorting activities. The two forms of counters (closed mouth and open mouth) mirror the Numberblobs on the show and extend the ways that children can sort.

The 2D shapes hidden on the bottom of each counter encourage children to identify shape names and facilitate discussion of the number of sides, corners, vertices, and more.

The two MathLink Cubes Numberblocks Activity Sets (1–10 and 11–20) have everything children need to use Numberblocks MathLink Cubes to build the Numberblocks One to Twenty in all the ways shown in the series.

Each set also includes 15 write-and-wipe activity cards, with 30 unique activities related to selected episodes. Children can watch the episodes while doing the activities to help reinforce the concepts.

Numberblocks Stampoline Park Stamp Activity Set

Each set also includes character cards to show young children the magic behind each number. These multi award-winning sets are ideal for individual or small group work in the classroom, or for learning through play at home.

Numberblocks Reusable Clings allow teachers to recreate the Numberblocks One to Ten on whiteboards.

Made from an innovative, durable material that clings without needing adhesive, the pieces are easy to use when creating engaging visual displays and can be repositioned and reused.

This set has all the pieces needed to recreate Numberblocks One to Ten with extra poses for Four, Five, Eight, Nine and Ten.

Children can create their own masterpieces inspired by the popular Stampoline Park episode, too, with the Numberblocks Stampoline Park Stamp Activity Set.

The set includes stamps to create Numberblocks One to Ten, and ink pads with washable inks in the Numberblocks unique colours.

Teachers can use this set to reinforce concepts seen in the episodes through creative play activities. And as children add the Numberblings, they practise writing the numbers 1–10.

The interactive Numberblocks resources are simple for teachers to incorporate into schemes of work and makes mastering numbers fun.

Need to know
  • Learning Resources’ range of hands-on Numberblocks teaching resources bring the maths concepts seen in the award-winning TV series to life for pupils. Resources are developed to support the EYFS framework for mathematics and helps build number sense.
  • With over 1,900 pieces, a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide featuring 60 x 15-minute lessons, demonstration cards, and reproducible worksheets in a convenient storage tote, the Numberblocks Classroom Set makes planning lessons simple and saves teachers valuable time.
  • With innovative supporting resources including the Numberblocks Numberblob Counting Set, and Numberblocks Reusable Clings, the range helps teachers create immersive, engaging learning experiences.

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