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5 reasons to try… National Museums Liverpool for a school trip

National Museums Liverpool
30 Second Briefing

National Museums Liverpool offers a huge range of fun and educational workshops for schools and groups across its seven museums and galleries.

Sessions are led by experienced and knowledgeable staff, who use fascinating collections, inspiring exhibitions and amazing stories to engage your students.

1. Options for everybody

Made up of seven museums and galleries, National Museums Liverpool offers sessions for EYFS to post-16 students on topics ranging from Ancient Egypt and Transatlantic Slavery to fine art and wellbeing.

One of their venues, World Museum, has a planetarium and aquarium too, so there are even workshops where students can explore outer space or come face to face with live animals! 

2. Linked to the curriculum

All of National Museums Liverpool’s sessions are linked to the curriculum and have clear learning outcomes. These are clearly presented on their website for you to review prior to booking and align to your lesson plans.

3. Supported by resources

Many of National Museums Liverpool’s workshops are accompanied by resources and activities which you can complete before and after your session.

They will help to prepare your students for what they will experience at the museum or gallery, and post-workshop, will help to consolidate what they have learned during the session.

“National Museums Liverpool offers sessions on topics ranging from Ancient Egypt and Transatlantic Slavery to fine art and wellbeing.”

4. Affordable and accessible

For its core workshops for schools and groups, prices range from £49 to £99 per class. Each session can cater up to 30 or 32 students, meaning your workshop could cost as little as £1.54 per student. Booking is easy too, with the option to choose your slot on the website and pay online.  

For those who find the price of school trips prohibitive, National Museums Liverpool offers a schools bursary scheme for primary and secondary schools located in the Liverpool City Region, which can cover the costs of a workshop and associated travel up to £300. This is currently available for workshops at International Slavery Museum.

5. Flexible and adaptable delivery

Some of National Museums Liverpool’s most popular sessions for schools and groups can be delivered virtually, if you aren’t able to travel to its museums and galleries.

There are two virtual classrooms available to book directly on their website, or you can contact the team about adapting your in-venue session if you can’t find what you’re looking for. 

Sessions can also be adapted for students with additional needs and you can discuss your requirements with the team in advance.

All of National Museums Liverpool’s venues are accessible and their website is full of helpful information which you can look at before you visit.

Need to know
  • All sessions have clear curriculum links and learning outcomes, ensuring you get the most out of your trip 
  • Many workshops are accompanied by pre and post-session resources and activities, to help consolidate learning 
  • Workshop prices range from £49 to £99 for 30-32 students, meaning a session can cost as little as £1.54 per student  
  • The Learning team at National Museums Liverpool are really flexible. Many sessions can be delivered virtually if required and can be adapted for students with additional needs  

National Museums Liverpool
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