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Maths-Whizz – a virtual tutor to recover summer learning loss

Whizz Education
The Lowdown
In a nutshell
Award-winning maths virtual tutor
Key Stage
KS1, KS2, KS3

Identifying and fixing learning gaps

Summer learning loss is an established phenomenon in education. As students are coming back to school, external research points to a 2.6-month drop in students’ maths knowledge. With Maths-Whizz, we can identify the gaps and fix them right at the start of the academic year.

Personalised approach

Maths-Whizz uses powerful AI to understand each child’s unique needs and builds a completely personalised plan for each child, and then continues to tailor it as they complete lessons.

“Maths-Whizz uses powerful AI to understand each child’s unique needs”

Everyone’s included

We know that it’s the most vulnerable communities who suffer the most learning loss. Maths-Whizz is a cost-effective way to help all students receive the targeted support that addresses their specific knowledge gaps.

Lesson plans

Large class sizes continue to put teachers under pressure. Maths-Whizz helps ease the burden by providing more than 1,200 lesson plans, enabling teachers to deliver tailored learning gains for children with a range of abilities. Interactive games, lessons, and exercises reward effort so children can understand maths and love it too.

Need to know
  • 60 minutes of Maths-Whizz a week improved Maths Age by more than 18 months in the first year, on average.
  • Suitable for children aged 5-13 years.
  • Track school-wide maths results and individual progress at a glance. Whizz Education offers an eight-week pilot programme for schools.

Whizz Education

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